On Sunday morning we offer opportunities to connect in a Sunday classes as well as Community Groups.  To contact the leader or join the Sunday school classes click here  to contact a Sunday Morning Community Group Leader Click Here


The Adult Bible Study I class is named after our Methodist literature, Adult Bible Studies.  Information from International Bible Lessons Commentary is also shared.  Martha Quann is the facilitator.   Room 7/8 in the Worship Center at 10:15 a.m. on Sundays is where you will find the class.  The first few minutes are generally very informal -- sharing what’s happened since we last met, personal concerns, etc.  By 10:25 a.m. we get to the heart of why we’re here -- to study God’s Word.  Understanding the setting for the Scripture, the meaning in Biblical times, and its application for our lives are the goals of this class.  Through comparing different Bible translations, the lesson material, and individual input we hopefully grow in our relationship with God and discover our role in His plan.  For January the unit of study is titled “Covenant.”  Scriptures will help us explore binding promises – God & Abram; Ruth & Naomi; God & David; God & us through Jesus.  Feel free to join us any Sunday.  All are welcome.