Reopening in September for the 2022/2023 school year.
Programs for three and four-year-olds only,
age appropriate by September 30,  must be fully potty trained.
Tuition is $230.00 monthly for T, W, Th 9:15-12:15.
There will be no Morning Out. 
September is right around the corner
and we will be following whatever health requirements are in place at the time.


Have you Heard?? 


The Regester Chapel Children's Center is a religiously exempt program recognized by the state of Virginia designed for children ages 24 months (by September 30th) to five years of age. The children's center programs,"Morning Out" and Preschool, are ministries of Regester Chapel United Methodist Church and are designed to provide developmentally appropriate activities to encourage Spiritual, Academic, Social, Emotional and Physical growth in each child.  Christian values and beliefs are integrated into learning experiences and social interactions.  These well rounded programs help to facilitate a smooth transition from Morning Out to Preschool and from Preschool to Kindergarten.  Our goal is to make every child feel safe and happy while fostering a foundation of lifelong learning. 


Children need positive mental attitudes and to feel good about themselves in order to feel good about others. Sharing, taking turns, listening, helping, responsibility, thinking on their own, and sharing their ideas will help to develop this.

We feel that children of this age need socialization, purposeful play, and many hands-on activities to enhance learning.

Our program with small class sizes and low teacher/student ratios will help to develop positive self-esteem through increased awareness of their own special characteristics and abilities.

For more information contact Donna Curran, our Children's Center Coordinator, at or call 540-720-7860.