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                                            Regester Chapel Mission Events for 2022
                                                     Our mission chair is Jim Atkinson

                        Contact  the church office at (540) 659-2642 with any questions.
We will collect food for S.E.R.V.E the entire year. Their mission is to provide for the emergency needs of local Stafford families in need of food, utility, housing and prescription assistance. 

January Communion Offering went to support relief efforts to those affected by the tornadoes that touched down in eight states in December. 

February Communion Offering went to support Thurman Brisben Center who understands how best to help those in need and continues to provide effective methods for providing this help and helping to break the poverty cycle where possible.

March/April Communion Offering went to support our two missionaries. The Red Bird Missionary Conference in Kentucky supports health and education services throughout the depressed Appalachian region in that state. The second operation supports Jacques Umembodi, a pilot with Wings of Caring aviation ministry in Africa. This program delivers medical and non-medical supplies and transportation services for doctors to remote regions of the Congo.

May Communion Offering will go to the Henderson Settlement, which is located in a remote and poor area of Appalachia.  Per capita income is less than $16,000/year.  Over 31% of the population lives in poverty.  The Regester Chapel Missions Team has made many work trips there in the past.  Henderson Settlement is a UMC sponsored community outreach operation that began almost 100 years ago when an uneducated Mr. Bill Henderson donated 68 acres to Pastor Hiram Frakes to establish a school.  COVID 19 has had a severe impact on their operations in Southeastern Kentucky where alcoholism and drug addiction is widespread.  May's communion offering will be sent to Henderson Settlement to support their efforts.  For more of the Henderson story, go to:  

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